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The Tucker Browne range is designed to care for every man's styling needs with minimal effort. The brands philosophy is that it's not always just what you put in, but what you leave out of your products that's important, which is why the tucker browne range is paraben and sulphate free - and they don't test on animals either.

Tucker Browne is a new range of grooming products for men, created by a man with a passion for hair.

The range is designed with men's grooming needs in mind and a strong belief that these needs evolve and change throughout a man's life. They have sourced only the purest and most powerful aqua marine minerals and extracts to deliver a refined high performing range for all men-kind.

As a brand, Tucker Browne cares about you and the big picture. Tucker Browne endeavours to leave the smallest footprint possible by using fully recyclable packaging and recycled print packaging.

All of the ingredients found in Tucker Browne products have been carefully selected to benefit hair and scalp health. Sea minerals, kelp and nourishing oils are the vital components used to create their range of hair, face and body products you will love.

meet the founder

Lucas Tucker, born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, having worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years as a hairstylist, discovered a lack of high performing men's grooming products that contain Australian ocean extracts that benefit the scalp and hair. This inspired him to pivot his career and refocus his energy on building his own business, creating an award-winning hair care product line.


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Tucker Browne

inspired by australia

Ocean extracts sustainably sourced from our home Australia. Scientifically proven to reduce the effects of hair loss and promote healthy hair and skin.

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